Commercial Packages

New Way Drain Cleaning Inc. understands the challenges business owners face in day-to-day operations. Our Drain Injection System ensures that your drains stay clean and clear. Our top-shelf service will allow you to focus on your bottom line!



Along with our Drain Injection Systems, we also offer a wide array of commercial drain cleaning services.

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Commercial or food service buildings present special drain problems because of heavy and/or unusual usage and a greater presence of grease. The oils and shortenings used in the preparation and processing of food will enter the drain system.

Some regulating agencies require a grease interceptor (trap) be installed to prevent grease from entering the public sewer system. This device requires periodic cleaning and maintenance. We can provide these services and provide customized maintenance programs using specialized equipment and a proven injection system.

This system injects our 3in1 Total-C® Drain Line Conditioner on a nightly basis to control odors and keep drains free flowing.